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Today, Your Digital Presence Is Your Brand.


Strategy and planning, execution of digital marketing plans including visual branding, Google Analytics setup, monitoring, and application of insights, content and copywriting, digital advertising, creation of marketing material. These elements are the blueprint for your marketing efforts and help to ensure your resources are being put towards the areas that will show the most return.


We interact with the world visually, and make assessment on brands nearly instantaneously based on subtle aspects of what we observe. Telling the story of your brand through imagery is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience. I create graphic art and design in the Adobe Creative suite, primarily Illustrator. Design work can be for digital use, advertising, social media, print labels, marketing material, presentations, & infographics.


Engaging and well-written copy not only presents your brand professionally, but in a large part, it shapes your customers perception of your brand. So much of our consumer journey happens before direct interaction with the brand that it's key to ensure your target audience absorbs the correct messaging. 


I create websites through platforms such as Wix and Squarespace, and creative design for other platforms.


From strategy to daily posts, social media is an indispensable marketing tool. Social selling and platform-specific shopping is dramatically growing, and leveraging these platforms is one of the most impactful ways to meet your target audience where they are. 


The web is full of brilliant ideas and businesses - paid advertising is what helps companies guarantee they'll be seen by the right audience, at the right times, using the language and imagery that will resonate best with them. 


Your website provides one of the first impressions your target audience will have of your brand. A good website will consider your target demographic, their language, psychology, colour preferences, user behaviour, and many other factors to create a site that will increase successful achievement of your business targets. 

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