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Project, Hourly, Retainer


Project rates are based on timeline, scope, complexity, and duration. Projects are quoted on an individual basis following a qualifying meeting, email exchange, or creative brief. 

Quoting a project as a whole is best when there are multiple pieces, factors, vendors, or other contributing elements that may require more project management. 


A Digital Marketing retainer is great for when you know that you'll need consistent support but you don't necessarily need or want to hire an employee. Together, we work out how many hours over a given time period (per month, per quarter, etc.) that your business needs in marketing support, and you're guaranteed that time and resource will regularly be there for whatever marketing functions you need. 


Hourly rates work best for simple, straightforward projects that don't require contribution from multiple artists, vendors, etc. If this sounds like it might be the right option for you, send me a message and we can discuss hourly rates. 

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